Big Herb’s Gadgets

Big Herb’s 360° Adjustable CD Slot Car Mount Holder

This sturdy, light, and compact car mount holder inserts into front loading CD player slots, with a stable and adjustable fixed base. Colors options: red, blue and black.

Big Herb’s Customizable One Touch Car Mount Installs in CD Slot for Smartphones

Quick and easy installation saves you the hassle of mounting your smartphone to your car. No tools needed! Just push the mount into the CD player and your smartphone will become secure and have no chance of falling without suction cups, screws, adhesive, or glue.


Big Herb’s Bluetooth Multipoint Speakerphone

This safe and legal product comes with one hands free Bluetooth multipoint speaker phone that easily connects to up to two phones simultaneously. The Bluetooth connects within 10 meters (approximately 35 feet) and can store 8 mobile phone connections.


Portable Bluetooth v4.0 NFC Speaker 3600mAh Power Bank Waterproof For Smartphone

Bluetooth V4.0 Waterproof +NFC Speaker+Power Bank Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof, High temperature Resistant Speakers Convenient to carry with you, now you can enjoy music anytime and anywhere NFC Technology (Near Field Communication) for easy and instant pairing with English Voice Prompt functions