Pokemon PIcture

By now just about everyone has heard of or downloaded PokemonGo, the smartphone app that allows users to capture Pokemon in the real world. To play the game users must explore their towns to find other Pokemon, battle other players, and visit PokeStops. While most do so on foot, people will also drive their cars for faster and easier game play.

Big Herb’s CD Mount Smartphone Holder is a great accessory to have while driving around playing PokemonGo. The holder fits into CD slots and is adjustable to fit any size. It can hold a GPS, tablet, or any type of smartphone. This will make driving with a phone hands free, without obstructing the view of the driver. The best Pokemon Trainers will love driving while their smartphone is safely in this holder because it won’t fall out and makes watching the screen for Pokemon while driving safer and easier. The best part is the holder set up is quick with no adhesives or screws. Just pop the two parts together, slip it into the CD slot, and put a phone into the holder arm and be ready to grab Pokemon in no time. Just remember to pull over to catch Pokemon! Taking your phone in and out of the holder only takes a second.